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Completing the form

TES timesheets should now be completed using the online system. Please see the Timesheet and getting paid page for details. The below paper timesheets should only be used in exceptional circumstances and with prior agreement from the TES Office. Paper timesheets received without prior agreement will be rejected.


The deadline for paper timesheets is 3pm on a Friday afternoon. Please note that the timesheet deadline is a strict deadline, if your timesheet is late it will not be processed until the following payroll.

Before Bank Holidays and Christmas and occasionally at other times we have to make our timesheet deadline earlier in order to meet payroll deadlines. You will be notified by email so please make sure we have your up to date email.


The forms

Standard timesheet – TES/1

For use by TES workers who do not fall into any of the categories below.

Tier 4 holder’s timesheet – TES/2

If you hold a Tier 4 visa you must use this timesheet. The hours per week you can work are limited by your visa regulations and may be limited by the institution at which you study. When you registered with TES you will have received a letter confirming the maximum hours you can work each week. You must not work in excess of the maximum hours allowed – this is a total hours for any assignments with TES plus any other job you may hold in the University or elsewhere. By submitting the form you are confirming that you have not worked (in total in any assignment/job) in excess of the hours allowed by your visa and the institution at which you study.

Children and young workers (under 18s) – TES/3

If you are under 18 years old you must use this timesheet. The government places additional restrictions on the number of hours, the breaks and the times for work for those under 18. These restrictions will have been given to you when you registered with TES and can also be found here. You must observe this legislation. By submitting the form you are confirming that you have not worked (in total in any assignment/job for the University or elsewhere) in excess of the hours allowed by the regulations.

First timesheet for those using the payroll service – TES/4

If you have come to TES through the payroll service your first timesheet will be handed to you when you register with us. On the timesheet we will record the date and time we check your right to work evidence and the earliest time you can start working (you must liaise with your department to agree the actual start time on or after this time). You must use this timesheet as your first timesheet. After your first week you can download the relevant timesheet from this page.

Obtaining a copy of the form

Copies of the form are available in PDF, Word and Rich Text File. Further information on PDF files is available.


Tier 4 holders

Under 18s