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Human Resources


About the form

Applications for academic, research and some academic-related posts are made by CV. The CHRIS/6 Cover Sheet for CVs should be used to accompany applications for employment being made by CV. It replaces the PD18 form.

Filling out the form

Please read the applicant guidance notes for the form before you fill it in.

The form is broken down into three parts:

  1. Must be completed by all applicants. It provides the information needed to consider an application.
  2. Only needs to be completed for posts where additional screening procedures have to be carried out. Applicants will be advised if they are required to fill this in.
  3. Optional but it will help us to make sure that our Equal Opportunities Policy works and that we are advertising in the right places. This part is separated from the rest of the form when it is received and it is not used as part of the selection process.

Obtaining a copy of the form

Copies of the form can be downloaded in PDF, Word or RTF format.

Returning the form

The completed form should be returned to the department advertising the job.