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About this template

We recognise that COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the HEI sector and many research and teaching staff will have faced difficulties in carrying out their usual duties.  We welcome a voluntary statement detailing the impact on your current or future work. For example, this can include but is not limited to, access to labs and other resources, access to primary data or opportunities to travel abroad to disseminate research, or personal circumstances. This voluntary statement will be taken into account by the relevant Recruitment panel when evaluating your case for appointment.  You may include reference to personal matters which have affected your work if you wish, however there is no requirement to do so, nor are you required to disclose if you were furloughed.

This form only applies to academic and research posts at the academic University.


Using the templates

The template should be downloaded below and completed using word processing software. 

Upon completion of the impact assessment, the file should be converted into a PDF form and uploaded on the University's Web Recruitment System, along with the other documentation relevant to your application. 


Downloading the template:

COVID Impact Assessment [Microsoft Word]

COVID Impact Assessment [RTF]