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Human Resources


About the form

Use this form to pay hours (other than overtime) to all hourly-paid staff on a Guaranteed Minimum Hours Contract (GMHC).


One form per pay frequency

Do not mix payments for employees with different pay frequencies (e.g. monthly/weekly) as this may cause payments to be delayed.


Mandatory columns

  • Position occupancy reference number
    Will start with a 4 and be 8 characters, eg 45678910.
  • Surname
    This should match the surname in CHRIS as this data is checked to ensure accuracy of information.

Cost codes and hourly rates are not mandatory, however if you do not specify them the payment will be processed using the information held against the employee's position on the CHRIS system.


Cost codes

Both research grants and chart of account codes can be used on the same spreadsheet. However in both cases they must be 24 characters long, eg U.ZZ.ZZZZ.ZZZZ.ZZZZ.0000 or ZZZZ/123.01.RG12345.ZZZZ, this must not include any spaces or commas.


Filling out the form

Once completed the forms should be emailed by a payroll authorised signatory to (see payroll submission deadlines).


Please note - For individuals who hold certain types of time-limited visas, there may be legal restrictions on permitted types and hours of work. For example, for individuals who hold a Tier 4 visa, there are restrictions on the number of hours they can work per week (please see the HR immigration webpages for full details of Tier 4 working restrictions). For individuals holding a Skilled Worker and Tier 5 visas, it important to note they can only work in the same professional field as the SOC Code against which their Certificate of Sponsorship was assigned. Please also be aware of the rules regarding Skilled Worker/Tier5 supplementary employment. For further details of such points to consider when offering work to an individual, please see the HR Recruitment Guidance webpages.