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This report shows the current working patterns and reporting managers as held on CHRIS for all employees in an institution (excluding variable hours staff).

The following columns are shown:

  1. School (or equivalent)
  2. Institution
  3. Location
  4. Job Type (e.g. Academic, Assistant)
  5. Position Ref. (position reference no.)
  6. Position (position title)
  7. Personal Ref. (personal reference no.)
  8. Title
  9. Forename
  10. Surname
  11. Hours
  12. Working Pattern (i.e. the fixed days of the week that the person works)
  13. Reporting Manager (i.e. the person's line manager)
  14. Reporting Manager's Position Ref. (position reference no. of line manager)
  15. Reporting Manager's Position (position title of line manager)




3rd of every month.


The main purpose of the report is to enable institutions to identify any working pattern data that is incorrect, as this may affect the correct calculation of sick pay and other pay-affecting absences. Corrections to working patterns should be made via the relevant HR Recruitment Administrator. An effective date for the correct pattern will also need to be provided.

Reporting (line) manager data is also included in this report. Institutions should correct this data on CHRIS themselves.

Who to contact

Relevant HR Policy or Procedure

No specific HR Policy or Procedure applies.