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This report lists all current employees in an Institution whose expected occupancy end date or expected position end date is in the past or is within the next 12 months (unless the occupancy has already been terminated on CHRIS). For example, a report run on 22 October 2009 will list those tenures that are before or equal to 31 October 2010.

The following columns are shown:

  1. Department
  2. Division
  3. Staff Group
  4. Name
  5. Person Ref.
  6. Age
  7. Position (position title)
  8. Position Ref. (position reference no.)
  9. Post
  10. Post Ref. (post reference no.)
  11. Time Spent in Occupancy at Current Date (years)
  12. Expected Occupancy End (Limit of tenure for the occupancy)
  13. Expected Occupancy End Reason
  14. Weeks to Contract End Date
  15. Position Limit of Tenure (the date on which the position is expected to end)
  16. Expected Position End Reason
  17. Reckonable service date (this is the date which should be used in length of service calculations)
  18. Years Service (to LoT Date) (to assist with completing the Ending of Fixed Term Contract Schedule)
  19. Payroll
  20. Reporting Manager Name




Fourth Thursday of every month.


This report should be used to initiate consultation procedures for those employees whose fixed term contract is due to cease within the next 6 months (see Ending of Fixed Term Contracts Schedule). It should also be used to determine whether any permanent staff are at risk of redundancy because of a limit to the funding of the position they occupy.

It should also be used as a reminder of those occupancies that need to be terminated on CHRIS once it has been confirmed that the occupancy is to end (including studentships and Affiliated Lectureships).

Who to contact

Relevant HR Policy or Procedure