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This report is intended to support the Recruitment business process. It provides details of applicants at offer stage. Once the applicant moves through to the appointed stage, he or she will not appear on this report.

The following fields are shown:

Requisition Details

  • Requisition name
  • Requisition reference
  • Recruiter
  • Position name and reference number

Applicant and Offer Details

  • Applicant name
  • Expected Start Date of Employment
  • Offer Position UMS Address
  • Location
  • Contractual Hours
  • Work Pattern
  • Grade
  • Payment Table
  • Point on Scale
  • Spot Pay Rate
  • Pro-rated Salary

Employment Check Details

There will be one row per check type.

  • Check Type
  • Legally Required Before Start Date?
  • Date paperwork received by HR
  • Date Check Application Made by HR
  • Check Result
  • Date Check Result Received by HR
  • Date Result Valid From
  • Date Result Valid To
  • Date Result Communicated to Recruiter
  • Notes




Every Friday.


To provides confirmation of the details of offers entered via the ‘Record an offer’ screen chain. The state of any checks associated with the applicant is shown in the lower block of each page.

Who to contact

Relevant HR Policy or Procedure