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Religious dress

For religious reasons, some employees may want or feel obliged to follow specific dress codes, or to wear their hair in a certain way or wear a head covering, such as a turban (Sikh head dress), hijab (Muslim head dress for women) or yarmulke (Jewish skull cap). In most cases, these should not conflict with any office dress code, uniform or health and safety policy, but sensitivity and flexibility should be shown and efforts made to accommodate the wearing of religious dress in a safe manner. In the University, special dress requirements may be expected in certain areas, such as in some clinical or educational environments. To avoid indirect discrimination, any dress rules should be justifiable as a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim, such as health and safety considerations. Health and safety provisions may take precedence and where safety requirements necessitate the removal or wearing of specific clothes. The Health and Safety Office can be contacted for guidance in relation to health and safety issues.