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Human Resources


The University of Cambridge engages casual workers to undertake a range of different Temporary Work Assignments, including demonstrating, lecturing and undergraduate examining activities.   

As part of the University’s Workforce Policy, departments are required to decide the most appropriate way to engage a member of staff (either as a casual worker, self-employed or employee).  Departments can use the following tools and contacts to aid the decision-making process. 

If you have made the decision that the individual you wish to engage at the University should be a casual worker, you should follow the guidance and instructions on these pages to process and pay them on the Cambridge Casual Worker System (CCWS). 

Please note that if the worker is an administrative member of staff, you should use the Temporary Employment Service to process and pay the worker. 

What is the Cambridge Casual Worker System (CCWS)? 

CCWS is the system we use for managing and paying our casual workers. 

Who has access to CCWS? 

When creating your CCWS account, please use a strong password. Top tips on choosing a strong password are available. 

Key Contacts 

  • should be contacted for all non CCWS system issues.  The team will direct your query to the right team to provide advice.