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This monthly report shows current nurses whose NMC registration is due to end in the next 9 months (or has already lapsed).This is part of the new nurses revalidation process. Institutions need to discuss this with their nurses to ensure that registration is renewed before their registration expiry date.

The following columns are shown:

  1. School
  2. Institution
  3. Person Ref.
  4. Surname
  5. Forename
  6. Title
  7. Position
  8. Position Ref
  9. Occupancy Ref.
  10. Occ End Date
  11. Expected Occ End Date
  12. Expected Occ End Reason
  13. Expected Position End Date
  14. Expected Position End Reason
  15. NMC Registration Number
  16. NMC Registration End Date




Monthly (the 1st of each month).


To remind institutions to ensure that NMC registrations are renewed in time.

Who to contact

Relevant HR Policy or Procedure