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Responsibilities and Duties

All staff have certain defined responsibilities and duties. For those holding a University office, these are set out in general terms in Statute D (in particular D,II,4) and in any special regulations for the office held. More specific details are set out in the role description for the post and in any further particulars received during recruitment.

Generic role profiles for academic and contract research staff have been developed, in consultation with members of the University and employee representatives.

For other roles, a detailed description of the duties is compiled for each office or post, using the standard format of Form PD33. You should receive a copy of the PD33 for your post, from your institution, on taking up appointment.

Staff also have a duty to observe the University's required practice and behaviour relating to: health and safety; bullying and harassment; unlawful discrimination; use of IT; conduct in research, public interest disclosure etc.

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