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Our University is amongst the few which are known of in every country on earth, and it is acknowledged to be a centre of excellence in teaching and research. This reputation is one we can all be proud of, but it depends for its continuation on the people of the University. All of us.

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to introduce this Handbook, which will help to explain your terms and conditions of employment. It relates specifically to staff with the status of 'University Assistant'. Other categories of staff may have different terms and conditions in some respects.

We all work in an institution of great complexity, which is inevitable given its range of activity and nearly eight centuries of history. As a newcomer myself I can well understand how confusing the University can be, and I urge you to look at our website where there is much more background information. In the pages dealing with personnel matters there are many more details of employment matters, and especially contact names if you need help or advice. I know that you will find friendly people to answer your questions.

Please look at the Handbook and the website. Together they help to explain the University and to outline the many facilities that are at your disposal. I hope that you find this information as helpful as I did.

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz