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This report lists all current employees in an institution who have a sickness absence recorded on the CHRIS system that has no end date, or has an end date in the future.

The following columns are shown:

  1. School (or equivalent)
  2. Institution
  3. Location
  4. Personal Ref. (personal reference no.)
  5. Title
  6. Forename
  7. Surname
  8. Absence Start Date
  9. Absence End Date
  10. Length of Sickness (Weeks) (up to the absence end date, or up to the run date if there is no end date)
  11. Over 13 Weeks Duration? ( 'Yes' if the absence duration exceeds 13 weeks, to assist with holiday accrual calculations)




15th of every month.


To enable institutions to identify absences that should have been ended on CHRIS and have not. Institutions should correct sickness data on CHRIS themselves.

Who to contact


If an absence is not ended on CHRIS following an employee's return to work, there is a risk that the employee's pay will reduce in error once sick pay entitlements become exhausted.

Relevant HR Policy or Procedure