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Q. How will I know if you have any work for me?

If you are registered in our pool of temporary workers and have been in touch to let us know you are available then we will be looking out for work opportunities for you. When we receive a request that we think matches well to your skills and experience and your availability, then we will call you and/or email you to see if you are interested in being put forward for the assignment. We will therefore be in contact with you when we have work opportunities for you.

Q. Do I need to keep in contact with TES?

Yes. If you are not in an assignment but are still looking for work, please send us an email every couple of weeks just saying that you are still available for work. We ask you to do this because there are so many people in the TES worker pool and sometimes people no longer need us to look for work for them but forget to tell us. We therefore start our candidate search with those people who we know are actively looking for work.  

If we do not hear from you for a month then we will stop actively looking for work for you. If we do not hear from you for a couple of months then we will remove you from our TES worker pool.

Please also let us know if you have changes to your availability so we can make sure we are only considering you for assignments that meet your availability requirements.

Q. I need to change the details of the type of work I am looking for, what do I do?

If it is a simple change such as ‘please only consider me for part time work (up to 3 days a week)’ or ‘please do not consider me for assignments on the Addenbrooke’s site anymore’ then you can just send an email to

If the changes you require are too complex for a brief email then please contact one of the Recruitment Coordinators directly. Their contact details can be found here: Contact us | Human Resources (

Q. Can I work for more hours than the expected hours per week shown on my assignment agreement?

If your department ask you to work additional hours and you are happy to, then it is fine to do so. If this is just an occasional increase then there is no need to inform the TES office. If there is a permanent change to your weekly hours then your supervisor should inform the TES office. Whatever your hours are, please note the importance of adhering to the hours and breaks restrictions.

Q. What do I do if I am sick?

All sickness should be reported to your line manager. You should also let TES know if you are sick.

If you are ill you will not receive your standard hourly pay but you will be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) provided that you satisfy the qualifying conditions. To apply for SSP you should fill in a CHRIS/73 form and send it through to TES at Further detail on SSP can be fund at Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) : Overview - GOV.UK (

Sickness for a period of over 7 consecutive days usually needs to be supported by a doctor’s note, see When do I need a fit note? - NHS ( for further details.

You should keep your department and TES notified about your sickness and your expected return to work.

You should fill in the times you would have worked but were unable to do so because you were sick, on your timesheets. See the timesheet guidance on Timesheets and getting paid | Human Resources ( for further details.

Q. What do I do if I am asked to work from home?

If you are undertaking any part of your assignment remotely, you should complete the Display Screen Equipment risk assessment for your home work station before you commence work.  You should do this in liaison with your supervisor and the Department Safety Officer should provide any advice and support should issues be highlighted in the risk assessment. 

Q. I have a complaint about my assignment, what should I do?

Please see sections 14 and 15 of the TES Worker Handbook for information about making a complaint. Temporary Workers Handbook | Human Resources (

Q. Are TES able to provide a reference for me?

Because the TES team do not know your work personally we are only able to provide you with a factual reference, but we are very happy to do this. Please ask for the reference request to be sent to

If you require a more detailed reference of your work then we would suggest asking previous line managers.

Q. Why is the maximum length of an assignment nine months?

TES provides temporary work assignments to the University. To ensure that only temporary work is undertaken through TES we limit assignments to nine months. Where work is needed beyond nine months contractual employment is arranged. This ensures that you are not kept on as a temporary worker indefinitely but only for as long as the work is genuinely temporary.

Under certain circumstances we may allow a very short extension beyond nine months but requests for this will need to be submitted by a department and reviewed by the TES office and only valid cases will be approved.

Q. Why do I have to take a four week break when I have worked for nine months?

TES is a temporary work provider, we are only able to offer temporary work. Were we to offer continuous work within the University it would not be compatible with being a temporary work provider. A four week break after nine months of work ensures that we are maintaining our position as a temporary work supplier.

Q. Can I return to an external institution such as a college for a second assignment?

You are only able to undertake one assignment for each external institution.

Q. Am I an employee of the University of Cambridge?

Your employment status is that of worker rather than employee. Workers have different terms and conditions for their work to employees.

Q. Am I able to have a University photo ID card?

TES workers are currently not able to have a University photo ID card. This is something we are looking into the possibility of happening in the future.

Q. Am I able to get access to the University Library?

If you are actively in an assignment you may be able to get access. You should either take your assignment agreement to the University Library or you should ask your department to contact the University Library on your behalf.

Q. Can I get an appointment with Occupational Health?

If you are actively in an assignment and either your work is affecting your health or your health is affecting your work, then you can have a management referral to the Occupational Health Service. This referral will need to be done either by your assignment line manager or by the TES office.

Q. Am I entitled to a contribution towards an eye test or glasses?

If you are actively in an assignment at the point you have your eye test and/or the point you get new glasses and if that assignment is at least four weeks long, then you may be entitled to a contribution. Further information on eligibility and the process can be found here: Eye Tests | Occupational Health (

Q. Can I get access to the University Counselling Service?

Unfortunately temporary workers are not able to access the University Counselling Service. There are a few very exceptional circumstances where access is possible, these have to be approved by the TES Manager.

Q. Can you help me with a question about my pension scheme?

Please refer to section 1 of the TES Worker Handbook for information on pensions. Temporary Workers Handbook | Human Resources (

TES are unable to answer questions about the pension scheme, you will need to contact the pension provider for information that is not covered in the TES Workers Handbook.

Q. Are TES able to advise about my student loan payments?

TES is unable to advise on questions relating to student loan payments. You will need to contact your student loan company for queries relating to your student loan scheme and student loan payments.

Q. How do I get a CRSID and computer access?

TES are unable to request this for you. When you start in your first assignment, if you need computer access then the department that you are working in will request the necessary access, including the CRSID, for you.