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This handbook is a supplement to your letter of appointment. It sets out your terms and conditions of employment in greater detail and explains the processes and rules involved. You are employed as a member of the Assistant Staff, a staff group which includes technical staff, clerical, secretarial and library staff, and general and ancillary staff, and this booklet is specific to the Assistant Staff structure.

You have been appointed to a post in a particular institution. You will be responsible to your Head of Institution via your immediate supervisor, and will be subject to the particular local arrangements of your institution. In this booklet we use the word Institution to apply to the unit of the University in which you are employed, and which may be a Faculty, a Department, or another type of University institution.

However, you are a member of staff of the University, not simply of your own institution. Your contract of employment is with the University as a corporate body. This booklet explains the rules and arrangements for the employment of assistant staff throughout the University, and is based on the document entitled ‘Regulations governing Employment by the University and Rules’. Your conditions of employment are set out in the Rules, and in this booklet we give under each heading the numbers of the Rules which apply. You can ask your Head of Institution or your supervisor if you wish to see a copy of the Rules. You may also look at the document ‘Schedules of Grades, Salaries and Wages’, which is sent to your Head of Institution. You will be sent the schedule which applies to the division in which you work with your letter of appointment.

You will find more general information about the University as an organisation, and the facilities which are available to you as a member of staff, in a booklet currently in preparation which will apply to all staff groups.

You will also find a good deal of information on the University's website. HR information, including documentation on HR policies, the most up-to-date version of this handbook, and lists of contacts in the Human Resources Division, can be found at

If you require a paper version of this booklet (also available in large print), please contact the Human Resources Division.