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The Cambridge Casual Worker System (CCWS) is due to launch to Institutions on Monday 14 November 2022, replacing UPS2.  We need to know from Institutions which staff require access to the new system.  Therefore, all Institutions are required to download a copy of this spreadsheet, complete it and upload it via this Microsoft Form by Friday 30 September 2022. 

This form should be completed by a CHRIS Key Contact, your Institution’s Department Administrator (or equivalent) or Head of Institution to ensure that the appropriate approvals for access to the system are given. 

We will need to know the following details about the individuals you wish to grant access to CCWS: 

  1. First and Last Name 
  2. CRSID 
  3. Permission level required (Department Manager, Department Coordinator or Department Assistant) 

All user accounts will be set up using their email address to allow single sign on functionality and ease of logging into the system. Therefore, when your team receive their notifications to log into CCWS on Monday 14th November, they will need to sign in using their email address, not any other format e.g.  

There are three different levels of permissions you can grant a user and Institutions should decide which level of permissions to give their team members. 

  • Department Manager (most senior level) 
  • Department Coordinator 
  • Department Assistant 

Information on the different tasks that these roles can undertake can be found on this page under ‘Role Profiles’

For example, if one of your team members is only responsible for handling Right to Work checks, you should give them Department Assistant level. If they are required to approve a worker timesheet, they will need Department Manager level. 

Please note you cannot give everyone in your Institution ‘Department Manager’ level. In the interest of fraud prevention, you should ensure a distribution of permissions across the team dependent on the tasks they are completing.  You do not need to allocate all three levels to your team if not required, but at least two should be used. 

If you miss this deadline, any future requests for new users to be added to CCWS after 30 September should be sent directly to the HR Systems Service Desk ( 

If you have any questions, please contact