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Human Resources


HR and Payroll Reporting for Departments

The HR Business Systems and Analytics Team of the Human Resources Division provides relevant and timely HR and Payroll information that supports the operational requirements of departments.

When providing information to Departments the following principles must be considered:

  1. Data Protection and Security
    Reports must be provided securely to personnel with appropriate authority to receive them; HR and Payroll data will be sensitive by nature and attaching files to emails is not sufficiently secure as a means of report delivery.

  2. HR Policies and Procedures
    Information should be provided to support specific HR policies and procedures.

  3. The CHRIS system
    Information should be reported from CHRIS and contain outcomes of transactions occurring in CHRIS. For example Payroll Transactions reports should be delivered after the processing of each payroll. Delivery needs to be scheduled to take place at particular points of the business processing calendar.

Report bursting allows us to achieve these three aims. A description of how the mechanism works is given below.

Report bursting

Reports are delivered to Departments by means of an email that contains an encrypted web link. The report is accessed via the link using Raven authentication and can then be downloaded and saved for local use. The report can only be accessed by the person the e-mail was sent to - the ‘Burst Report Recipient' (in accordance with principle 1 above). The delivery mechanism is known as ‘bursting’ because one primary report is run for the whole University and then split, or ‘burst’, into separate reports that contains data for specific Departments or groups of Departments. Only individuals nominated by their CHRIS Departmental Key Contact can be a Burst Report Recipient. The role carries with it responsibility for Data Protection and maintaining the confidentiality for the information received.

The report library contains full details of all burst reports that are currently available.

How to register as a Burst Report Recipient