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The review of the UPS system has brought to light that, in some cases, it may be more appropriate to engage casual staff carrying out regular and ongoing teaching on employment contracts.   

We are working closely with our trade union colleagues to address this concern.   

To facilitate the potential change in status from some casual staff to employees, there will be a review of these potentially affected staff and where relevant, moved to a more appropriate contractual arrangement.  HR will work closely with institutions to carry out this review. 

Work is currently underway to prepare the following documentation to support institutions in this review: 

  • A new Workforce Policy and Procedural Guidelines setting out the University's position engaging its workforce and describes the contractual arrangements available for use by the University’s institutions. It sets out the circumstances in which each contractual arrangement should be used for employees, workers and contracts for services.  
  • A revised Decision Tree to enable institutions to decide whether an individual should be engaged as an employee, worker or self-employed. 
  • Review Guidance to support institutions in determining which staff should move to which alternative contractual arrangements. 
  • A proposed new Guaranteed Minimum Hours Contract – an employment contract where there is a minimum level of guaranteed and regular work required but there is also a need for flexibility.  The contract will specify the number of minimum hours to be worked, above which hours may vary.   
  • Workforce Planning Guidance for institutions. 

An exercise has taken place with a number of members of the Casual Workforce User Consultation Group to model specific cases to test the effectiveness of the new Decision Tree and the proposed new Guaranteed Minimum Hours contract. 

When will this be in place?  


Indicative Date 

Drafting and consulting on the documents i.e., Decision Tree, Workforce Policy and Procedural Guidelines 

Michaelmas 2020 

Draft documents to be considered by HR Committee  

Lent Term 2021 

Communication of guidance to institutions and commencement of review  

Lent and Easter Terms 2021 

Workers will move to employment contracts as appropriate