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This Security report lists all of the staff members within your department that have access to CHRIS, plus staff members in other departments that have access specifically to your department. This report is generated to make sure that current CHRIS accesses that staff members have is correct. Please inform the CHRIS  Helpdesk if any of the accesses listed for each staff member need to be removed or amended.

Access to CHRIS falls mainly into two types - Role level accesses, and Group level accesses (read only accesses) with additional specific function accesses (update access) and specific data accesses (the departments that can be accessed).


Department Pay Leavers - Provides read only access to all staff records as well as allowing CHRIS user to make people leavers, update probation, appraisal and sickness absence. This role allows additional updates, such as the reporting line of each position and pre-employment checks.
Department Recruitment - Used to record offers for staff when Web Recruitment is not being used to appoint to a vacancy. 
People Manager - Gives read only access to the staff that report to the user (which is maintained through the reporting line recorded for the staff's position), as well as the ability to update their staff's sickness absence records.

Group Level Access:

Department Pay - Read only access that shows salary grades.
Department Non Pay - Read only access that does not show salary grades.

Function Access:

Sickness absence upd for absence monitors - Allows sickness absence recording.
Appraisal update - Allows appraisal events to be recorded.
Probation upd - Allows the creation and update of probation records.
Post and position line manager upd - Allows the user to update the reporting line of positions.

The following columns are shown:

  1. CRSID
  2. Per Ref No
  3. Employing Department
  4. Job Title
  5. Forename
  6. Surname
  7. Start Date
  8. End Date
  9. Roles
  10. Group Access
  11. Unit Access
  12. Additional Functions




Biannually (the 16th of June and December).


To make sure that current CHRIS accesses that staff members have is correct.

Who to contact

Relevant HR Policy or Procedure

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