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Termination of Employment (Rules A6 to A8)



If you wish to resign from your employment with the University, you must inform your Head of Institution in writing providing four weeks' notice.



If the University wishes to terminate your employment you will be given, except in the case of serious misconduct, periods of notice not less than the following:

Period of unbroken service Notice period
Less than five years Not less than four weeks
More than five years but less than nine years Not less than eight weeks
Nine years or more Not less than twelve weeks

The University may not require you to work your period of notice, but instead may pay you in lieu of notice.

In a case where serious misconduct is alleged, your Head of Institution may suspend you with pay immediately until the Personnel Committee makes a decision. If the University considers that there are grounds for dismissal for serious misconduct, you may be summarily dismissed without notice.


Appeal against dismissal (Rules H16–17)

You have the right to appeal against the termination of your employment.


Termination of limited term appointments

If your post is supported by funds received from outside the University or if you have been appointed on a temporary basis to meet a specific need or because of unusual circumstances, you will be notified of the date upon which your appointment terminates when you are appointed. You should therefore enquire of your supervisor well in advance of the termination date whether your appointment is likely to be extended.

If your appointment is to be extended you will be given notice of this in writing. Normally the University will be informed in good time by the sponsor that new funding will be provided; however if when the date when your employment is due to terminate is close further funding has not yet been guaranteed, your supervisor or departmental administrator will discuss the situation with you and you may wish to seek alternative employment in the University as described below.

If new funding is not available to continue your employment with the University after the date notified to you on your appointment, and if by that date you will have been continuously employed by the University for one year or more, the University will attempt to find you alternative employment. Your supervisor or departmental administrator will discuss the situation with you. If you wish to seek redeployment within the University, your institution will notify the Human Resources Division and you will be sent a personal copy of the internal vacancies list. You should apply directly for any post for which you wish to be considered, and should notify the HR Consultant responsible for your department of your application. S/he will arrange for you to be interviewed for the post providing that you have the necessary skills.

If on the date when your temporary appointment with the University ends you will have less than one year's continuous service with the University, you may apply for any vacant posts which are advertised, and you should contact the Human Resources Division to discuss vacancies.


Retirement (Rule A10)

If you hold an established post, you will normally retire by the end of the academic year in which you reach the age of 65. The academic year runs from 1 October to 30 September, so you may continue service until the September following your 65th birthday.