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Established status

The Rules specify that certain procedures are different for established and unestablished assistants. All assistants achieve established status (Rule A9) after 12 months' continuous service.


Medical screening

Before you are offered a post you may be asked to complete a medical questionnaire and you may be required to attend the Occupational Health Service for a medical examination (Rule A2). If you do not disclose information about health problems this may result subsequently in the termination of your employment. You may also be asked to attend the Occupational Health Service for a medical examination during the course of your employment with the University if your Head of Institution believes that your state of health is causing difficulties for your work. (Rule C9).


Employment after the normal retiring age (Rule A10)

The conditions of employment set out here apply only to assistants who are below the normal retirement age of 65. In exceptional circumstances and with the consent of the Personnel Committee a member of staff may be employed over the age of 65. Staff who are over the normal retirement age can expect to have terms and conditions of service similar to those set out here where appropriate, subject to the following conditions:

  1. You cannot attain established status.
  2. Your employment may be terminated at any time by your Head of Institution and you have no right to appeal against such termination.
  3. Your employment will be terminated no later than your seventieth birthday.
  4. Any other special conditions set out in your letter of appointment.