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This report defines our security. It is therefore very important that any errors are notified to the CHRIS Helpdesk immediately.

The report lists three categories of contact:

  • Department Administrator. This is a contact role, not a job title! There is only one per institution and this is the person who should receive and distribute circulars addressed to Department Administrator. A central list is maintained in the UAS for common use. If the data in the report is correct and ‘old names’ are used in email or UMS distributions, please advise the CHRIS Helpdesk, who will try to persuade the sender to use an up-to-date list!
  • Key Contact. The CHRIS Key Contact for your institution is the only person in your institution authorised to request access to CHRIS; all new users are required to attend training before access can be granted. Heads of Institution must confirm name changes by email to the CHRIS Helpdesk.
  • Burst Report Recipients. There can be several Burst Report Recipients for an institution (we recommend there is more than one to cover absences, so that data that you need is always available). Burst Report Recipients can be added by email sent by the Key Contact to the CHRIS Helpdesk. The email must identify: institution name, person name, CRSID and e-mail address.




1st Monday of every month.


To allow Departments to review the CHRIS contacts set up for their institution and to act as a trigger for notifying the CHRIS Helpdesk of any updates to this data.

Who to contact


The following sequence of actions will then happen. This may sometimes take a week; it cannot take less than three days.

  1. Burst recipient identity logged in CHRIS against the institution.
  2. The next night, CHRIS will automatically ask Cognos User Admin to set up a new Cognos user (if necessary).
  3. The next day (usually), the new user account is created and an activation e-mail is sent to the new Cognos user.
  4. New Cognos user activates their account by following the instructions given in that e-mail.
  5. The night after account activation, Cognos passes its user data back to CHRIS which makes the person available as a burst recipient.
  6. As access to burst report data will be authenticated via Raven, new recipients must have a current Raven account and know their password.

Relevant HR Policy or Procedure

No specific HR Policy or Procedure applies.