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Individual Grievance Procedure (Rules G1–G4)

The University recognises that employees may, from time to time, have concerns or complaints about their work, working relationships or their working environment. In this event employees may raise a grievance under the Grievance policy, unless the matter is subject to other agreed procedures.

The Grievance Policy sets out both informal and formal processes to follow when and employee has a grievance. The University aims to deal with grievances promptly, fairly, in a consistent manner, and without unreasonable delay. It will carry out any necessary investigations, will meet with the employee to discuss their grievance, and will inform them of the outcome. An employee has the right to appeal any formal decision if they are not satisfied.

The University encourages individuals and managers to make every effort to resolve problems informally in the first instance as this is often the most effective method of dealing with grievances. However, it is recognised that where the issue is serious or the employee has attempted to raise it informally without success, raising a formal grievance may be more appropriate.

The informal and formal processes for Assistant staff are set out in full in the University’s Grievance Policy.