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The Cambridge Casual Worker System (CCWS) will be available for Institutions to access from Monday 14 November 2022, as planned. From this date, institutions will be able to: 

  • use the template emails to send to workers who are required for work in Lent Term 2023, asking them to register on the system; and 
  • access the system to review worker profiles, conduct Right to Work checks and approve workers 

Institutions should use this time before the end of December 2022 to familiarise themselves with the CCWS and ensure all worker payments for Michaelmas Term 2022 have been processed through UPS2 before that system closes. Institutions will be able to create new bookings in the CCWS from 2 January 2023. 

Closure of UPS2 

The launch of CCWS means that the UPS2 payment system will close and final payments will be processed via UPS2 on 19 January 2023. If Institutions have not processed a payment on UPS2 before the closure date, they should contact for advice on how to process the payment. 

The Payroll Section is beginning to close down UPS2 records where worker records are live but have had no payments in the current tax year or in the last six months. Institutions are asked to advise of any records in addition to these criteria that can now be closed due to completed worker assignments. Please forward details to P45s will be issued to workers as a result of this process, which can be uploaded into the CCWS if required.