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Regrade (Re-organisation)

Used where the change in duties has been initiated by the Institution and where there is a clearly identifiable point in time from which the new version of the Role Profile will be effective.

Changes due to restructuring or re-organisation should be discussed with the institutions HR Business Manager/Adviser in the first instance.

Institutions may ask for advice on the content and/or likely grade of a draft Role Profile directly from Human Resources, who will, where possible, provide feedback on the indicative grade (this would be subject to a formal HERA scoring process being undertaken), highlighting any areas where additional information or clarification is required.


To request a regrade of an existing filled role please:

  • Update the current version of the Role Profile, tracking changes or highlighting the sections that have been amended.
  • Complete the Grading Administration Form (RR1), selecting 'Change the content AND grade of an existing role' in Question 1A, and 'Re-organisation Regrade' in Question 1B.
  • Submit the fully completed Role Profile, Grading Request Form and up to date Organisational Chart to your HR Schools team
  • Signed copies should be scanned and sent electronically.


Please note, where the changes are subject to Trade Union consultation, Human Resources will formally score the role, and provide the institution with an indicative grade. Any changes as a result of consultation would lead to a review of the grade outcome. The departmental nominee(s) will be notified of any change in the grade of the role.