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This report lists sickness absences that fell partly or wholly in the previous calendar month, and includes the number of working days lost in the month as a result of each absence. In each case, it also shows the employee's cumulative total working days lost in the previous 12 calendar months in that position.

The following columns are shown:

  1. School (or equivalent)
  2. Institution
  3. Location
  4. Personal Ref. (personal reference no.)
  5. Title
  6. Forename
  7. Surname
  8. Position Ref. (position reference no.)
  9. Absence Start Date
  10. Full or Part Day (shows whether the first day of absence was a full day or a half day)
  11. Absence End Date
  12. Full or Part Day (shows whether the last day of absence was a full day or a half day)
  13. Over 13 Weeks Duration? ( 'Yes' if the absence duration exceeds 13 weeks up to the absence end date, or up to the run date if there is no end date, to assist with holiday accrual calculations)
  14. Working Days Lost Last Month (the number of working days, with respect to the person's working pattern, that were lost to the absence in the previous calendar month only)
  15. Cumulative Total for Previous 12 Calendar Months (by Position)




5th of every month.


To enable institutions to monitor recent sickness absences, and review sickness data entered on CHRIS for omissions and errors.

Who to contact


For each employee, each absence generates a separate line in the report. The ‘Working Days Lost Last Month’ field indicates the days lost by that one absence within the previous calendar month, rather than the total days lost by the employee within that month.

Relevant HR Policy or Procedure