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Equal opportunities policy

The University has a clear policy concerning equal opportunities for employment for all its staff, including a policy on arrangements for part-time work. The full text of this is given on the Human Resources Division's web pages. Briefly, the policy states that no applicant for a post within the University, or member of staff once appointed, should be treated less favourably than any other on grounds of:

Discriminating on any of these grounds is a breach of the discrimination legislation. The policy applies not only to recruitment, but also to promotion, transfer, training and appraisal. If you feel that you have been discriminated against in any of these ways, do not hesitate to talk to your local administrator in the first instance, or your HR Consultant, or contact the Human Resources Division.

More information on disability is available.

To complement its equal opportunities policy, the University has adopted the use of gender-free language in all official documents (including Statutes and Ordinances).

Supporting equality

Flexible working arrangements and family-friendly policies

The University has various policies that support staff with domestic/family responsibilities. These policies apply to all staff regardless of their length of service, marital or civil partnership status.

Career development

The University provides two gender specific personal development programmes for staff and post-graduate students:

Both programmes are designed to encourage participants to fully identify opportunities for personal and professional development and to develop plans to realise them.


Visit the Equality & Diversity website for further information on the University's equality and diversity policies.

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