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The report lists all payments to employees in an Institution for the current month's payrolls.

The following columns are shown:

  1. Payroll
  2. Transaction Date (This is usually the pay date)
  3. Institution
  4. Location
  5. Position (Position title)
  6. Position Ref (Position reference number)
  7. Type
  8. Basis
  9. Person Ref (Person reference number)
  10. Surname
  11. Forename
  12. Element
  13. Cost Code
  14. Amount
  15. Pension Amount
  16. NI Amount
  17. Apprenticeship Levy
  18. Stat Reclaim
  19. Total Cost

The data is organised so that every cost row for every element type and cost code combination shows separately.

The data is sorted by Institution, then by person reference number and then by element.




26th of each month.


  • To check all people you expect to be paid have been.
  • To check someone's source of funding and if they are split funded.
  • To check who has been paid which elements (filter on a specific element name).
  • To check up on temporary elements (including overtime and NPAPs) or other less typical payments (eg hourly paid lecturing).
  • To inform a budget-variance analysis (create a pivot table which lists each person and the sum of Total Cost).
  • To check what a specific person has been paid (filter on a person reference number).
  • To help explain variances if costs are not what were expected/budgeted.

Who to contact


This data has been checked against that which is posted by CHRIS automatically to the General Ledger. It does not report any subsequent journaling actions as these are not recorded in CHRIS.

Relevant HR Policy or Procedure

No specific HR Policy or Procedure applies.