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Right to Work checks from 1 October 2022

The COVID right to work concessions that were put in place in March 2020 ended on 1 October 2022. The following updated right to work process apply to all checks undertaken from 1 October onward (no retrospective checks required): 

  • British and Irish nationals: must present a valid or expired passport, or birth certificate and National Insurance number, that is verified in-person prior to work commencing. Copies verified via a video call can no longer be accepted. 
  • All other non-UK nationals: where using the online right to work system, verification can take place either in-person or by video call prior to work commencing.
  • New arrivals of non-UK nationals: where presenting a 90-day travel vignette inside their passport, this must be verified in-person prior to work commencing. A follow up check using the online system then needs to be completed as soon as possible. 


These pages provide guidance on UK immigration law relating to employees, workers and visitors. They are designed to help departments/institutions ensure that new staff have the right to work in the UK before they commence work. These pages also explain the processes to follow when appointing someone who needs to obtain right to work through the UK Immigration System, and the duties that need to be met throughout the employment of a sponsored individual. Following this guidance will help departments/institutions to stay within immigration law and it will help appointments to be made more smoothly.

There are a series of webinars you can view which provide an oversight of the critical areas of immigration within the University. These can be accessed here:

If you are in any doubt about any aspect of immigration with regards to recruitment or right to work checks, please contact the Compliance Team for further assistance before proceeding.