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Right to Work checks from 1 September 2021

The Home Office requires all employers to return to in-person right to work checks in all cases from 1 September 2021, ending the temporary COVID right to work concessions which have been in place since March 2020.

An in-person check can be any of the following:

  1. A check done in front of the person using original documents (i.e. a 'normal' RTW check); or
  1. An online check using the 'digital status service' with a video call - Please see our full guidance on using this service. (note: this service is not available to British Citizens); or
  1. The individual posts in their original document, you conduct a video call and return their original document to them.

For those commencing employment overseas, there is no requirement to do a right to work check until such time as they enter the UK.

For casual workers, operating remotely, a check must be undertaken in line with one of the three options above from 1 September onward.

Please speak to your HR Schools Team for advice on how this may be implemented.


These pages provide guidance on UK immigration law relating to employees, workers and visitors. They are designed to help departments/institutions ensure that new staff have the right to work in the UK before they commence work. These pages also explain the processes to follow when appointing someone who needs to obtain right to work through the UK Immigration System, and the duties that need to be met throughout the employment of a sponsored individual. Following this guidance will help departments/institutions to stay within immigration law and it will help appointments to be made more smoothly.

There is training available for departments/institutions on immigration considerations within recruitment:

If you are in any doubt about any aspect of immigration with regards to recruitment or right to work checks, please contact the Compliance Team for further assistance before proceeding.