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Your pay will depend on the grade of your post.

Any adjustment to pay must be recommended by the head of your institution and authorised by Human Resources.

Payment of salaries for all staff is monthly and in arrears, no later than 26th of each month.

Pay scales

Following the implementation of the new grading structure from January 2006, each post is assigned to a specific grade, within the grading structure 1–12. Each grade contains a number of salary points, some of which are service-related, with others designated ‘contribution points’. Appointment is at a specific salary point in the range for the grade of post.

Progression within grades

Progression through the service related points on each grade will normally be by automatic annual progression, with the possibility in most grades of accelerated incremental progression in recognition of outstanding and sustained contribution. Progression to and through ‘contribution points’ will not be automatic and will be based on assessment of the contribution of individuals in their roles. Details of schemes for considering the award of contribution increments for academic-related and contract research staff are published by Human Resources.

Some academic offices (eg Reader, Senior Lecturer, and Lecturer) have access to a designated range of salary points within a particular grade. Recognition of contribution would be achieved by promotion to a higher grade.

Details of the grading structure and single salary spine are published on the HR website.

Annual pay review

The annual pay review date for all staff is 1 August. The salary spine is then adjusted to take account of nationally agreed pay settlements.

Additional pay

If you carry out any work that falls outside the scope of your normal responsibilities and duties, you may be eligible to receive an additional payment. Details are set out in the regulations on Stipends in Statutes and Ordinances.