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Accessing timesheets

All temporary workers are required to complete a weekly timesheet, stating the start and finish times and breaks for each day’s work. TES timesheets are online and can be accessed here:

Timesheet guidance documents and FAQs

A full user guide on accessing and submitting your online timesheets can be found here:

A quick reference guide is also available as a reminder of some of the key points:

Answers to frequently asked questions relating to timesheets and being paid can be found here:

Timesheet submission

If you submit, and your supervisor authorises, a complete timesheet before our deadline (3pm Friday), you should expect to receive your pay in your bank account via BACS the following Thursday. Please ensure that you provide TES with your bank account details as soon as possible when you receive your first assignment as you will not be able to access the online timesheets until we have input your bank details.

Please note: the timesheet deadline is a strict deadline and late or incorrect timesheets will result in delayed payment.

It is important that you submit your timesheets on a weekly basis - if you do not submit your timesheet each week and instead provide us with multiple weeks of timesheets in a single week, you should expect to pay more in National Insurance, income tax and student loan contributions than usual. It is not possible for TES to prevent or rectify this for you.

Please do not submit completely blank timesheets in order to remove them from your timesheet app, timesheets should only be submitted if you are claiming hours, holiday, sickness or are closing your assignment down.


Your payslips are available online through Employee Self Service (ESS).

If you have Raven access:

  • ESS login:

  • Login with your CRSID and your Raven password

  • Click on the ‘Pay and Benefits’ tab and you will have access to your P60, P45 and the last 12 months of payslips. The search function on this page will enable you to find these documents going further back.

  • Please note that the other features of ESS should not be used by TES workers as ESS does not link up to the TES database. If you wish to update your personal information please email the TES office.

  • Please note that you will only have access to these documents for two months after you are made a leaver from TES.

If you do not have Raven access:

  • Please ask your Line Manager to arrange the creation of the account for you.

For more info about ESS:

Early Timesheet Deadlines

Before Bank Holidays and Christmas and occasionally at other times we have to make our timesheet deadline earlier in order to meet payroll deadlines. We will email you about these early deadlines so please make sure we are kept up to date with your current email address. The next early deadline is:

There are currently no early timesheet deadlines.

Please note that these deadlines are strict and that timesheets received after these deadlines will not be processed until the following payroll.

Those also on monthly contracts

Please note that if, in addition to your work with TES, you have a contract of employment with the University for which you are paid monthly, your TES salary will also be paid monthly rather than weekly.

The submission dates for those on monthly contracts can be found here for 2024.

Accessing your timesheets after you have left TES

After your last day of work with TES you will be able to view your approved timesheets for a further 30 days, after that you will no longer be able to access your historical timesheets so please make sure you note any information you need before the 30 days is up.