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The University and Assistants Joint Board

The University and Assistants Joint Board is a joint consultative and negotiating body on which representatives of Unite and UNISON sit, together with nominees appointed by Council and the General Board, under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor. Ex officio members of the Joint Board are the Registrary, the Secretary General of the Faculties, the Treasurer and the Director of Human Resources. The Joint Board is charged with keeping under review and reporting on the terms and conditions of employment of assistant staff, including rates of pay, recruitment, training and welfare.

Assistant staff are represented on the Joint Board in three separate bargaining units. A bargaining unit is a group of employees who have interests in common for negotiations. At present the bargaining units are:

  • Clerical, Library and Secretarial Staff
  • General and Ancillary Staff
  • Technical and Related Staff

A separate Standing Joint Negotiating Committee for each bargaining unit, consisting of nominated representatives of the University and of the appropriate trade unions, deals with matters particular to each bargaining unit. Special Joint Negotiating or Consultative Committees, with representatives of the University and Trade Unions, may be set up to deal with matters concerning more than one bargaining unit. Agreements reached by the Joint Negotiating Committees are not subject to amendment by the University and Assistants Joint Board or by Council without the agreement of the Joint Negotiating Committee concerned.

Individual Representation

Members of staff are entitled to be accompanied at any formal meeting with their Head of Institution relating to matters connected with their employment by another member of staff. Or, if they are members of a trade union, by an accredited official of that union.

University and Assistants' Joint Board Minutes