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Q. How do I claim holiday?

Holiday should be claimed via your timesheet. Please refer to the ‘Worker user guide – full version’ for full instructions on claiming holiday pay. Timesheets and getting paid | Human Resources (

Q. How much holiday do I have to claim?

You will find the amount of holiday pay you have accumulated, on the second page of your timesheet.

Q. Why am I not able to claim any holiday this week?

Holiday can only be claimed when you take time off from your assignment. So, for example, if your assignment expected working hours are 36.5hpw and you:

·         Work for 36.5 hours

·         Are sick for 36.5 hours

·         Work and are sick for a combined total of 36.5 hours

then you will not be able to claim holiday as your full expected hours have been covered by work and/or sickness, so there is no time left to be taken as holiday.

Q. I have not worked this week but the timesheet system is not letting me claim holiday pay, why not?

You may have used up all your holiday previously so may not have any to claim.

You may have timesheets awaiting authorisation – until these are authorised the holiday accrued is not added to your balance. If you need to claim holiday please ask your authorisers to sign off any unauthorised timesheets.

Q. Why is the holiday I accumulated on a previous timesheet not showing up on my next timesheet?

Holiday pay accumulation will only be credited to your account once a timesheet has been authorised. If you have an outstanding timesheet that is awaiting authorisation and you need the holiday accrual to show in a current timesheet you are filling in, then you will need to ask your authoriser to approve the previous timesheet before you submit the new one.

Q. Can I claim holiday in advance?

No, this is not possible. Timesheets are only released at midnight on Sunday for the coming week, so you will need to wait until then to submit a timesheet. As timesheets are accessible on the internet we would hope that the vast majority of the time, even if you have gone away on holiday, you will still be able to access your timesheet to claim your holiday pay. If, however, you are going to be away somewhere with no internet access then please do contact the TES office before you go away and we will assist you.

Q. Can I claim my holiday pay each week instead of saving it up for when I take annual leave?

No, this is not possible. Holiday pay is there to enable you to take paid time off work for health and wellbeing. We are therefore only able to pay out holiday pay when you have taken time off from your assignment. If you are not able to use up all of your holiday pay during your assignment then any outstanding holiday allowance will be paid out to you when you close your assignment down.

Q. Why haven’t I been paid my outstanding holiday at the end of my assignment?

Any outstanding holiday will be paid out to you at the end of an assignment, however, this is contingent on you closing down your assignment via your final timesheet – you will need to tick to say that it is the final timesheet. If you do not do this we don’t know that the assignment has ended so cannot pay out your holiday allowance.

If you forgot to tick that a timesheet was the final one, please go back into your timesheets and submit a blank timesheet and tick on that one that it is the final one, this will close down your timesheet and your holiday will be paid out.

Q. Do I get paid for bank holidays?

There is no provision for TES workers to be paid for bank holidays if you do not work them. However, your annual leave allowance does include pay for bank holidays – your annual leave allowance is based on 28 days holiday a year (8 days bank holiday + 20 additional days). If you wish to be paid some of your annual leave when you take a bank holiday off then you just need to claim some of your holiday on the relevant timesheet. If you work on a bank holiday then you will of course be paid for it.