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Leaver administration

There are a number of situations and processes which result in an individual becoming a leaver. The most common are detailed in the table found at this link

Where a leaving date is planned (for example, where there is a limit of tenure or a training appointment for a fixed period), it is important this is included in the individual's contract and then any changes to this notified to the individual via contract amendment letters.

Please note: An individual transferring to another University of Cambridge institution must not be processed as a leaver. The transfer process is initiated by the individual's new institution completing the required appointment administration. Please contact the Recruitment Administration team for further advice on transfers.

A quick and simple guide to the procedures for ending fixed term contracts that must be followed for all staff with limited tenure across the University can be found here:

This includes research staff (who make up the majority of our staff on fixed-term contracts and are supported by external sponsors) and all other staff employed on fixed-term contracts (for example those engaged to provide short-term cover, and trainees).