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Dashboard has been confirmed as the University’s new IT system for casual workers and will manage the process end to end from registration for casual workers, Right to work checks, through to bookings, worker agreements, timesheet management and payments. Dashboard will replace UPS2, which will be switched off permanently. Therefore it is crucial that Institutions begin to prepare their future operational processes for paying workers.

Below are some key dates for the implementation and roll out of Dashboard throughout 2022 to aid institutions in their operational planning:



What that means

Easter Term 2022

Dashboard Update

Further information will be provided about Dashboard (system functionality and system role profiles) to aid Institutions to decide who will require access to the new Dashboard system

Michaelmas Term 2022

(Exact Date TBC)


Training & Access to system

Institution training sessions will be provided as well as access to system (to get workers to register and for Institutions to create any bookings from 1.1.2023 onwards)

1st January 2023

1st Dashboard Bookings commence & UPS2 switch off

All casual worker bookings from 1.1.23 are recorded via Dashboard instead of UPS2

15th February 2023

1st Worker monthly pay day

First payday for casual workers timesheets processed via Dashboard

For further information please visit New Casual Workforce Management System page. On this webpage is a recording of a demonstration of the Dashboard system that we delivered in January 2022 which we ancourage anyone with involvement in the management of casual workers at the moment (either carrying out right to work checks or payments on UPS2) to watch.

Please direct any queries to