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This monthly report shows employees whose hours and/or working pattern are due to change during the next calendar month. Institutions should check whether these changes are still applicable as the change may have been entered onto the CHRIS system a long time ago and circumstances may have changed since then.

The following columns are shown:

  1. School
  2. Reporting Unit (Institution)
  3. Person Ref No
  4. Title
  5. Forename
  6. Surname
  7. Position Title
  8. Position Ref No
  9. Occupancy Ref No
  10. Category
  11. Basis
  12. Type
  13. Current Hours
  14. New Hours
  15. New Hours Effective Date
  16. Current Work Pattern
  17. New Work Pattern
  18. New Work Pattern Effective Date




Monthly (the 28th of each month).


To check that forthcoming changes of hours and/or working patterns are still applicable.

Who to contact

  • Problems opening the report - CHRIS Helpdesk
  • To amend the hours and/or working pattern of an employee - HR Amendments Team or HR School Team as appropriate

Relevant HR Policy or Procedure