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Appointments and probation

Appointments in the University are to a specific post, assigned to a particular Institution, and at a set grade, according to the duties.

Those holding University offices are appointed in accordance with arrangements specified for that particular office in Statutes and Ordinances.

In general, permanent appointments are subject to the satisfactory completion of a period of probation. The probationary period is specified in the statement of terms and conditions accompanying the formal letter of appointment issued by the University Human Resources Division.

Appointments for fixed terms are made where there is objective justification for posts to be set up for specified periods. This might be, for example, to cover for an absent member of staff, or to complete a project with a fixed deadline and/or limited external funding.

References are sought before an offer of employment is made.

Pre-employment health screening and in-service health monitoring may be carried out, according to the risks associated with the duties of the particular post and work environment.

Selection for appointment will be in accordance with the University policy on Equality and Diversity. Discussion on any possible adjustments to the working arrangements in individual cases should take place after a selection decision has been made.

Academic staff

Appointment to the academic offices of Professor, Reader or University Senior Lecturer is by one of the following routes:

  • Direct recruitment to a vacancy or newly established office (by Boards of Electors for Professorships, otherwise by Appointments Committee)
  • Personal promotion from another University office or post (by the General Board Promotions Committee)

Appointments to University Lectureships are made by a formally constituted Appointments Committees.

Temporary unestablished appointments may be made by heads of institutions to provide cover during staff absences. These may have a more limited range of duties eg predominantly teaching. This will be reflected in the role title and grade.

Various other academic offices are established in certain Faculties and Departments to meet specific academic needs.

Academic-related staff

A wide range of administrative, computing, technical, library, and other specialist roles exist in the University. Posts are advertised as they arise and applicants are selected on the basis of their ability to meet the requirements of the role.

Posts are normally permanent, and in some cases designated as University offices, although fixed term appointments may be made where there is objective justification for the temporary nature of the post.

Contract research staff

Appointment of those carrying out research directly funded by an external agency (eg Research Councils, charities, etc) is usually for a specified period, to correspond with the requirements of the research project.

The title on appointment (Research Assistant or Associate or Senior Associate) will depend on the nature and grade of the role and, in the case of Senior Research Associate, approval by the Faculty Board. More senior appointments (Principal Research Associate and Director of Research) require approval by the Pro-Vice Chancellor (HR).

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