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Wellbeing support services

The University employs health, fitness, and welfare specialists to assist with employee wellbeing. The Safety Office, Occupational Health Service and Counselling Service are just a few of the support services available to University employees to promote their physical and mental well-being and to provide assistance on a wide range of issues.

The University Safety Office provides advice, information and training, and can be contacted here:


The Occupational Health Service aims to complement the University's academic reputation by providing a support service that promotes and preserves both the physical and mental well-being of all staff, students and visitors.

The Occupational Health Service can be contacted at:


Confidential personal counselling is also available from the University Counselling Service to help solve personal or work-related problems away from the work environment. College staff may be seen once for assessment and onward referral in the Student Counselling Service. Please contact:


Other staff support services are available here: