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Staff appraisal was introduced in the University in 1987 and applies to all staff. Various schemes are in operation, and are currently being reviewed following a consultation exercise. Revised guidelines on a common scheme will be available online.

Full details of the existing scheme are given in the green booklet, Appraisal for academic and academic-related staff in the University of Cambridge (1994 edition). You should read this carefully for all information about appraisal, including its relationship with reappointment and promotion. You should check with your local administrator about arrangements for appraisal in your institution, if you have not already been told.

The aim of appraisal is to provide the opportunity to discuss how you can develop your work, and how any obstacles to progress can be removed. Appraisal is intended to be a supportive and creative review of personal development, and so should involve a two-way exchange of information.

If you have not been appraised, and feel you ought to have been, talk to the Head of your Institution. For further information or advice on appraisal, contact your HR Consultant.

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