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Due to the financial impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the University Council has determined a limit on the use of the University's reward and progression schemes set out below for the academic year 2020/21.

The following schemes will not run:

  • Contribution Increment Scheme for Researchers
  • Contribution Increment Scheme for Academic Related Staff in Grade 12
  • Professorial Pay Review for Academic Staff in Grade 12
  • Academic Career Pathways (ACP) - formerly known as the Senior Academic Promotions scheme
  • University Senior Lecturer Contribution Reward Scheme
  • Senior Researcher Promotions Scheme

A more limited version of the Contribution Reward Scheme for staff at Grades 1-11 will run in 2020/21, with applications only open to assistant staff in Grades 1-5 - they will only be able to apply for one-off single contribution payments.

The Council agreed to keep these and other pay restraint measures under review.

Contribution Reward Scheme for Academic-Related and Assistant staff grades 1–11

The University of Cambridge operates an annual contribution reward scheme for academic-related and assistant staff in grades 1–11. The scheme is made up of two components:

  • Contribution Increments to recognise outstanding, sustained and ongoing contribution.
  • Single Contribution Payments for exceptional one-off or time limited contribution.

Contribution Increment Scheme for Researchers

The termly Contribution Increment Scheme for Researchers scheme enables Contribution Increments to be awarded in recognition of outstanding contribution.

Contributory Increment Scheme for Academic Related Staff in Grade 12

The biennial Contributory Increment Scheme for Grade 12 Academic Related Staff is set out in Annex 9 of the Second Joint Report of the Council and General Board on a new pay and grading structure for non-clinical staff.

To be eligible for consideration, individuals must have been in post and performing their duties at their current grade for at least two years prior to the effective date of the award. Increments are awarded for sustained contribution which must be ongoing and there must be some indication that the cost is justifiable in terms of the benefit bought to the University over the longer term. Applications (PD32) must be submitted by the individual and evidence provided of their personal contribution, commitment and exercise of initiative, over and above the level expected of a person performing competently at that grade, in support of the objectives of their Division or Institution.

Cases are considered by the Registrary, Pro Vice Chancellor or Chair of School (as appropriate) who will put forward recommendations to the Vice Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Supplementary Payments for Non-Academic Officers in the Professorial Grade 12.

Professorial Pay Review for Academic Staff in Grade 12

Professorial contribution increments are awarded through the Professorial Pay Review scheme. Rewards are based on contribution and assessed through a biennial review process.

Senior Academic Promotions which will be replaced by the Academic Career Pathways scheme when next run

The Academic Career Pathways Scheme will allow eligible academic staff to apply for promotion to the offices of University Senior Lecturer, Reader and Professor.

(NB the Academic Career Pathways (ACP) scheme will not run in 2020).

For further information or advice on any of the above reward schemes, please contact the relevant HR School Team.