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For employees who are new to Cambridge, there are a range of benefits including a relocation policy, Accommodation Service and a Newcomer and Visiting Scholars Society.

The University provides financial assistance with relocation costs for moves within the UK and from overseas. The scheme is open to all newly appointed centrally funded staff on appointments of two years or more. The scheme does not include staff transferring to a new post within the University, nor does it include those who have been promoted. New employees should seek clarification from the Human Resources Division to check whether they are eligible for the scheme.

Reimbursement is available for moves within the UK provided your previous residence is not within reasonable daily travelling distance, and as a consequence of the move you are changing your main residence rather than acquiring a second home. However, reimbursements must be claimed within HM Revenue and Customs time limits, see UK Taxation Implications paragraph.

Further details on the relocation expenses scheme are available at: