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We have a legal responsibility to ensure that all of our workers have the legal right to work in the UK before they undertake any work. If you are invited to register with us, you will need to show us original documents from List A or List B below which provide evidence that you have right to work in the UK.

Temporary workers cannot undertake or be paid for work through TES until after we have checked valid evidence of right to work. Please contact us if you require further information or guidance.

If you hold a Tier 4/student visa the hours per week you can work are limited by your visa regulations and may be limited by the regulations of the institution at which you study. When you register with TES you will receive a letter confirming the maximum hours you can work each week. You must not work in excess of the maximum hours allowed – this is a total hours across any assignments with TES and any other job you may hold in the University or elsewhere.

Working while you study at Cambridge - international students

Working while you study - Cambridge students 

Leavers - once you are made a leaver from TES we are legally obliged to retake evidence of your right to work before you undertake any further work through TES. Please do not assume that because you have worked through TES previously that you are still active on our books, as if you came to us via our payrolling service and when you ended your assignment you did not inform us of up coming work, then we would have made you a leaver and you will have received a P45. If you are made a leaver you will have to reregister with us before undertaking further work. Please therefore do not undertake any work you are asked to do directly by a department/institution, without checking with TES whether you are still registered with us.