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Departmental procedures for sponsored individuals

Departments/Institutions who employee an individual through the Tier 2/Skilled Worker visa route (and also if they engage individuals through the Tier 5 (GAE) route) must assist the HR Compliance Team in meeting the legally required record keeping and reporting duties. These are also managed through the following procedures.

Right to Work checks

As with all other employees, a right to work check must be undertaken prior to employment commencing, the full procedure for this can be found on the right to work guidance webpages.

Please note, for existing Tier 2 visa holder, new Skilled Worker visa holders and new and exisiting Tier 5 GAE visa holders, in order to comply with our sponsor duties we must obtain a copy of the passport and the BRP card.

Communications with manager

Before the new employee/visitor starts, if their principal investigator / manager has not managed individuals here under Skiled Worker Visa or Tier 5 GAE before, then the Immigration and Compliance Manager will contact the manager in advance of the individual's start date to brief them on the University's sponsor duties. An email will be sent to the manager for future reference. An example of this email is below:

Communications with employee

Before an employee/visitor who is sponsored under Skiled Worker Visa or Tier 5 GAE starts work, institutions are asked to tell them about their responsibilities under the points-based system. A sample letter is below and will be provided by e-mail to the individual, alongside their CoS once assigned: