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Managing workplace relations

The University brings together people from across the world with different religions or beliefs (including no religion), adding to the richness of the University community.

The University provides support to foster an inclusive culture, including:

  • The provision of relevant Equality and Diversity training, which highlights the University's expectations in relation to staff behaviours in the workplace.
  • Increasing understanding of different communities by sharing information, such as the Mindful of the Needs of Others calendar.
  • Publicising information on the Face to Faith series of discussions, which consider topics relevant to religion or belief in the workplace.

However, there may be instances where individuals or situations cause conflict or discord to arise which can pose a threat to effective working relationships. If this happens, it can be beneficial to:

  • Highlight the value of the diversity in teams and the contribution this can make in supporting work undertaken.
  • Establish clear standards of acceptable behaviour by challenging comments and actions which exclude or alienate an individual or group.
  • Access the support of the HR Schools Team, who will be able to advise in matters such as mediation or disciplinary action, where appropriate.

Bullying and harassment

The University is committed to protecting the dignity of all its staff, students and visitors and will not tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination of any kind.  These behaviours are defined in the University's Dignity@Work Policy and its associated guidance

The University is also committed to freedom of thought and expression and all staff should familiarise themselves with the principles set out in the University’s Statement on Freedom of Speech.

Within the University, support for dealing with Bullying and Harassment is available through the Dignity@Work contacts, the Mediation Service and the HR Schools Team. Additionally, CHESS, a Cambridge hate crime reporting service, provides information and support to people experiencing harassment outside the workplace.

It should also be noted that conduct which amounts to bullying, harassment or discrimination may result in disciplinary action being taken under the relevant University staff policy.