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The report lists the main personal and contractual data (including basic pay and costing information) for each current employee (and research student paid through the monthly payroll).

The following columns are shown:

  1. School
  2. Institution
  3. Location
  4. Person Ref (Personal reference number)
  5. Title
  6. Initials
  7. Known As (Preferred forename)
  8. Surname
  9. Email
  10. Gender
  11. DOB (Date of birth)
  12. Age
  13. Date Joined Uni (Organisation start date)
  14. Continuous Service Date (Reckonable service date)
  15. Retirement Date
  16. Right to Work Status
  17. Position
  18. Position Ref (Position reference number)
  19. Post Ref (Post reference number)
  20. Role Code Number
  21. Occ Ref (Occupancy reference number)
  22. Occ Start Date
  23. Occ End Date
  24. Expected Occ End Date
  25. Expected Occ End Reason
  26. Expected Position End Date
  27. Expected Position End Reason
  28. Category
  29. Basis
  30. Type
  31. Contractual Hours
  32. FTE
  33. Next Increment Date
  34. Rate of Pay (if on a spot salary)
  35. Frequency (if on a spot salary)
  36. Grade
  37. Scale Point
  38. Scale Point Value (annual full-time amount)
  39. Costing and percentage split (to aw.)
  40. Pension Scheme

There is one row for every occupied position. If an employee holds two positions concurrently then there will be one row for each position.

Within each institution the data is sorted by Person Ref and then by Position Ref.




1st of Each Month


  • To provide institutions with a full staff listing including key personal and contractual data items.
  • To check someone's source of funding and if they are split funded.
  • To be able to group staff into employment types e.g. Assistant Staff (filter on Type) or employment basis e.g. established staff (filter on Basis).
  • To find the Role Code Number of an occupied position.
  • To act as a source for the generation of an email list for current staff.
  • To check what a specific person's current scale point and next increment date is.
  • To facilitate the calculation of employer pension costs (see Notes below).

Who to contact


Pension Schemes incurring employer pension costs (at salary exchange rates):

  • CPS
  • USS

Pension Schemes incurring employer pension costs (at non-exchange rates):

  • CPS Non Exch
  • USS Non Exch
  • NHS

Pension Schemes incurring no employer pension costs:

  • 40 Years Service (USS members with 40 years service)
  • 40 Years Service Ees only (USS members with 40 years service who opt to continue paying employee contributions)
  • NHS 45yrs Service (NHS scheme members with 45 years service)
  • Non Pensionable (Employees in positions that are not eligible for pension)
  • Opted out of pension (Employees who have elected to opt out of the pension scheme)

Relevant HR Policy or Procedure

No specific HR Policy or Procedure applies.