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Instructions for completing the Casual Worker HR System (Dashboard) Rollout Survey and Spreadsheet



Following the demonstrations in January 2022 of Dashboard, the University’s new IT system to manage its casual workforce, the HR Division is now required to collect any job titles and pay rates used by institutions that are NOT on the University’s Substitute Teaching Rates list. The information is requested from institutions by 4 March 2022 to enable configuration of the system ready for launch in Michaelmas Term 2022.

Please note, the University already has a number of agreed Substitute Teaching Rates which can be found here.  We only require information from Institutions about job titles and pay rates which are NOT on this list.  We also do not need Institutions to tell us about Examining rates as these have been recently reviewed. The University’s substitute teaching rates and examining rates will be loaded into the system automatically for all relevant Institutions to access.

Instructions on how to submit this information can be found below. Please direct any questions to


Instructions for completing the Survey and Spreadsheet

All Institutions which use UPS2 to pay casual workers should complete this survey and spreadsheet.  If your Institution only uses the substitute teaching rates, you should complete the survey and submit the name of your key contact only.  If you use additional job titles and pay rates other than those on the list, you will need to download and complete the spreadsheet, submitting it via the MS Form.

  1. Review the list of substitute teaching pay rates already in use by the University for casual workers. Compile a list of any other job titles and pay rates not on this list, which your institution uses for casual workers currently paid via UPS2.
  2. Download a copy of the spreadsheet and complete the fields.  You should enter any job titles plus the associated pay rate which you will want to assign to a casual worker in Dashboard.  This list of job titles and pay rates will then be used to inform our configuration of the system ready for institutions to make bookings with workers.  We will review these pay rates before launch to check for any errors or updates.  We will also undertake a short review to see if there is any duplication across Institutions to create better consistency of pay rates across the wider University.
  3. Complete the MS Form by entering your institution contact for casual workers and uploading the completed spreadsheet via the form by Friday 4 March 2022


Important note:

In Dashboard, all payments will be made on an hourly rate basis.  We will be moving away from fee payments for casual workers paid in Dashboard. All current fee payments made through UPS2 will need to be translated into hourly rates for this exercise.