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Q. What kind of work does TES offer?

We specialise in office support work such as secretarial, clerical, reception, administrative, PA and EA and finance and HR assistant work. We do occasionally get asked to fill other roles such as IT, museum work, library assistance and manual work, but the vast majority of the assignments we cover are administrative so we look for strong administrative skills and experience in our candidates. 

Q. What kind of pay rate could I get through TES?

TES pay the Real Living Wage, this means that the minimum hourly rate is £10.90. The hourly rate is dependant on the level of the assignment. Typically assignments are paid between £10.90 and £16.96 per hour, plus holiday pay.

Q. What hours of work are available through TES?

The vast majority of TES assignments take place during standard office hours.

TES fill both full time and part time assignments.

Q. I submitted my application to TES, what happens next?

We will review your CV, assessing your experience and availability, and where it is a good match for the kind of assignments we are asked to fill then we will invite you in for an interview. If we do not feel we would be able to find you work then we will let you know. 

After your interview you will undertake a skills test (at home) and we will request your references. The interview, your tests and your references will be considered and we will make a decision as to whether we can register you as a worker in the TES pool. 

If we are able to register you in the TES pool then we will be working to find assignments for you and will be in touch when we have some opportunities to discuss.

Q. When will you contact my referees?

We contact your referees after interview.

Q. A department have approached me and asked me to work on a specific job through TES, what should I do?

You should not submit an application to be a TES worker, this is just for those who wish TES to find work for them. Instead you should tell your departmental contact that they will need to submit a Payroller Temporary Worker Form (found on our website). Once we have received that we will contact you and invite you in for a registration meeting. You must not start working for the department until you have attended a registration meeting at TES.

Q. I have worked for TES in the past and then left TES, do I need to reapply if I want to return?

Yes, you do please. We need to review all your up to date information to understand you current experience and availability and to see how that matches to the current needs in TES.