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Payroll Giving is a simple, tax-efficient way for employees to make monthly donations to any national or local charity or registered good cause directly from their gross pay.

Because the donation is taken from employees' pay before tax is deducted, they receive tax relief on their donation immediately and at their highest rate of tax. For example, for 20% tax payers it would only cost £8 to make a £10 donation. For 40% tax payers it would only cost £6 to make the same-sized donation.

The scheme therefore allows employees to give regularly to charity in a cost-effective way. The employee's chosen charity also benefits by receiving regular donations without the need to claim back the tax from HM Revenue & Customs.

In order to offer payroll giving the University is required to register with an approved Payroll-Giving Agent. Although the Payroll Giving Agencies are themselves charities they do need to make a small charge to cover their operating costs. The University is registered with Charitable Giving who charge £0.23 per donor per month. The Agent will deduct the administration fee from employees' donation before passing them on to the chosen charity.

The University of Cambridge does not endorse any particular charities and employees may choose to donate to any local or national registered charity or registered good cause. For details of all UK registered charities please visit the Charity Commission.

Please note that the rules of the scheme may be varied from time to time at the University's discretion. The University may also terminate the scheme or exclude employees from participating in the scheme at its discretion. This guidance does not form part of employees' contracts of employment. Joining the scheme does not prevent an employee from donating to charity in other ways.

If you need any assistance or further guidance please ring the Payroll Giving helpline on 01271 344360.