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Human Resources

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Wednesday, 2 December, 2020
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All staff

The HR Division, in partnership with the UIS, is pleased to announce the launch of the new HR Transformation Programme website.

The site provides a broad overview of the HR Transformation Programme, which aims to create a more cohesive and efficient workplace, launching new tools and processes and replacing our HR and Payroll system. 

The site includes the objectives and benefits of the programme and details of how we are engaging with colleagues across the University to ensure that we fully understand the opportunities and pain points, that we understand Cambridge-specific requirements​ and that we consider how we can transform HR service delivery to support ways of working now and in the future.

“Over the next few years we will transform the way we deliver HR. 

"The University is a leading employer and this programme will help to enhance that reputation; creating an integrated and superior employee experience and modernising our HR processes and systems.

"Amongst the many benefits of the programme will be efficient service delivery, enriched team collaboration and improved data reporting.”

Andrea Hudson, Interim HR Director and primary sponsor of the programme

Visit the HR Transformation Programme website


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Launch of the HR Transformation Programme