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Relocating to a new country can be daunting and with the added stresses of starting work and settling in, often with family members, we understand that international staff often have different needs and expectations.

This section provides essential details regarding what you need to know when you are looking to relocate to the UK, including topics such as finding accommodation, opening a bank account and accessing healthcare services.

Further Support

After you arrive in Cambridge, we recommend speaking with other members of your department/institution or College. It is likely that many of your colleagues will have experience with relocation and settling into a new country, and will be a wealth of information for you in the first few months.

  • The staff guide for Academic, Academic-related and Research staff provides a comprehensive guidance to employment matters within the University.  The Assistant staff handbook provides similar advice and guidance, tailored for Assistant staff.
  • Further information for new staff is also available on the University’s Human Resources (HR) webpages which provides guidance on induction, training, money matters, health and safety and orientation.

There are also a number of groups within the University who can provide support to international staff, including:

Newcomers and Visiting Scholars:

The Newcomers and Visiting Scholars group welcome all those who are new, and attached in some way, to the University of Cambridge. The group is run predominantly by volunteers, many of whom have spent long periods of time in other countries themselves. They aim to help you settle into Cambridge by providing a supportive community during your stay here.

Postdocs of Cambridge:

The Postdocs of Cambridge (PdOC) are the Cambridge University Society for postdoctoral research staff and Junior Research Fellows (JRFs). PdOC represents postdocs in career development, contract research conditions, college affilliation and social and sporting issues. All Cambridge postdocs are welcome to join, and there is no membership fee.

Graduate Union:

The Graduate Union (GU) is the University-wide representative body for graduate students at the University of Cambridge, and the only students’ union in the UK catering exclusively to graduate students. The GU is run by a Board of elected sabbatical and student officers, and the Union’s focus is on support, representation, welfare and events.

Clubs and Societies:

The University is host to a multitude of clubs and societies which cover a wide variety of interests, including sports, academic interests and cultural interests.